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Bulbs Lamps / LED&39;s / Lighting Accessories. Can be used on all WPC games from Funhouse to WhoDunnit (the most versatile non-WPC95 driver board, can be used in any WPC-89 or WPC-S game). The information and scope is more extensive than the first edition (red cover) manual. WDB095-Williams / Bally WPC95 Driver Board. Bally / Williams Pinball part(s) WPC 95 Power Driver Board Taken from NBA FastBreak, worked great for all but 1 coil, have replacement driver components included AUCTION CONTENTS Williams / Bally WPC-95 POWER DRIVER BOARD - Q42 Replacement components need install (Solenoid driver) MORE DESCRIPTION This auction is for a tested WPC 95 Power. WAV095 -Pinball Audio / Visual board compatible with Williams WPC95 pinball games. Other components on the board are readily available.

WPC Driver Boards A: the driver board used from Funhouse to the middle production of Twilight Zone. Combining the driver board, sound board, and cpu directly onto one board eliminated several design deficiencies of the earlier 3-7 boardsets; mainly the 40 pin interconnector, and extra wiring harness interboard connectors. Because of this, when replacing the BR2 bridge on pre-WPC95 games, it is a good idea to also replace the associated filter capacitor C5 (15,0 volts). Manuals & Guides. Pinball parts and electronics, K&39;sArcade offers repair and the largest supply of pinball circuit boards, new or reconditioned.

MPU327-Combination Williams System 3, 4, and 6 MPU and Driver Board. Attack from Mars, Cactus Canyon, Champion Pub, Cirqus Voltaire, Congo, Junk Yard, Medieval Madness, Monster Bash, NBA Fastbreak, No Good Gofers, Safe Cracker, service manual driver rottendog wpc95 Scared Stiff, Tales of the Arabian Nights. I looked more closely at your pix and I did indeed have 2 of the ribbon&39;s reversed! The 2nd edition service manual with the black and blue cover shown below is a revised supplemental manual. Power Supply Assembly Drawing - PDF format, approx 1.

WAV095-Williams WPC95 Audio / Visual Board - Discontinued. Thanks for the reply. Driver Board Schematic, Part 2 -PDF format, approx 80K. The board rectifies 32VAC via diodes CR1-CR4 to produce -45VDC and -15VDC for use by the segment and digit drivers. Rottendog Power Driver for Bally/Williams WPC 95, A-8, WDB095. The board is from Alltek System.

The board that this replaces is Bally / Williams Axx, (where xx are the game numbers) See game listing below to see the specific game titles that this board supports. The only guaranteed service is UPS second day or UPS next day air which is available to most locations, there are some exceptions. Multifunction board contains the power supply for the dot matrix display, the sound amplifier and control, sound and display software and the display controller. Rottendog Driver Board WPC Sponsored Link. The Solid State Pinball Games Service Manual (red cover) served as a generic, supplemental manual, which complimented the game manuals. Make Offer - Original Williams WPC95 Pinball POWER DRIVER BOARD PCBServiced Frank&39;s Williams Bally WPC-95 Pinball machines CR Battery Board service manual driver rottendog wpc95 . Brand New WDB095 Driver Board for Bally/Williams WPC95 pinball machines.

Ceramic; Electrolytic. Used it just to test a game and pulled it back out, so used for less than 5 plays total. With this board everything else worked fine except the shot clock, which was showing just random numbers or just flickered some nonsense. Flash 1979 Pinball Service Manual Williams FREE S/H. I had a Rottendog WPC95 power driver board on my NBAFB. In this final revision of the WPC hardware, the dot matrix controller and the DCS sound boards are combined into a single A/V board, while the Power/Driver and the Fliptronics boards are combined into a single Power/Driver board, bringing the board count down to three boards.

We specialize in pinball board electronics and have over 18 years of experience in pinball board diagnostics, repair and retail sales. Our board repair guy prefers to repair an old original board over a Rottondog. Saves you replacing the whole board. Driver Boards; LED Displays; MPU&39;s; Power Supplies / Regulators; Miscellaneous; ALLTEK CIRCUIT BOARDS; Batteries - Battery Holders. 3 WPC-95 CPU The WPC-95 CPU is the third generation of the WPC CPU design. The WDB095 WPC driver board is a plug-in replacement for the original Bally Williams WPC95 Driver Board (Part A-8).

I looked at the pix I had taken of the rottendog 95 board that was in there and tried to match the ribbon orientation that way instead of looking at the numbers printed on the new rottendog 89 board. 00 Click to view Manufacturers Please select Alltek Systems Bally Data East Gottlieb / Premier Other Pinball Pro Rottendog Amusements Sega Stern The Pinball Wizard Williams. All versions of the power driver board support 28 controlled outputs for solenoids, motors, etc. pins on the solenoid/lamp driver board socket A3J3. Pinball replacement circuit boards from Rottendog Amusements, Alltek Systems, Ni-Wumph, Swemmer Electronics, Pinpoint Electronics, Gulf Pinball, Great Lakes Modular, Williams, Bally, Gottlieb, Data East, Sega, Stern Pinball, Capcom, Game Plan. 13 Questionable Prior. WDB008-Williams WPC 8 driver board. WPC95 Ribbon Cable Set Williams Bally.

Brand new board from Rottendog. Power Supply Schematic -PDF format, approx 330K. Remove the two screws which hold the center support for the old MPU and Driver Board 3. It is fairly common for these caps to fail. WDB089-Williams / Bally WPC89 and WPC-S Driver Board. The Ultimate Auxiliary LED/Lamp Driver Board is a direct replacement for Bally part AS-2518-52. 8 Poor Connections between the Transformer Secondary and the Power/Driver Board 4.

Ultimate Auxiliary LED/Lamp Driver Board 43. The Williams system 7 boardset was replaced in 1984 with the system 9 boardset, and then again in 1985 with the system 11 boardset. Make Offer - Bally Pinball (ASREV A Solenoid Driver Board Combo - Baby Pac bally pinball aux lamp driver pcb board ARCADE GAME part cb3 .

Rottendog Amusements MPU327 Combination Williams System 3, 4, 6 & 7 MPU and Driver Board Installation Instructions: 1. Each bank operates at a different voltage, somewhere between 20V and 50V. WPC95 Power Driver Board (replaces A-8) Code: PC-A-8R. It has a flipper enable relay on the board. Williams System 7 Pinball Machine Board service Combo Repair service manual driver rottendog wpc95 Black Knight. ROTTENDOG CIRCUIT BOARDS. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Brand New MPU095 MPU board for Bally/Williams WPC95 Pinball machines at the best online prices at eBay! We love Rottondog and they definitely have their place in restoring a machine.

SDB004-Stern White Star Driver Board. The fuse clips used on the popular RottenDog aftermarket power/driver boards are a bit brittle and do not snap back into position if too much bending force is applied to them, much like Data East power supply fuse. WDB095 -Pinball Driver Board compatible with Williams WPC95 pinball games. The board is 299 plus shipping from all the usual vendors. MPU080-Gottlieb System 80 / A MPU Board. See game listing below to see the specific game titles that this board supports.

The explanation is simple: the ground path for the motor has been changed to only be active when the Game Over Relay is energized (during game play it&39;s on), then the activation for the TIP125 (motor drive transistor) is when the lower playfield relay is energized. Batteries; Battery Holders; Capacitors. Axial; Radial; Polyester and metal film; Circuit Board Spacers and Standoffs; Circuit Boards and Assemblies. LED Lighting 44/47 1-SMD Premium Ghost Buster LED. SDB004-Stern White Star Driver Board. They have reproduction manuals available for all Williams games.

Clear Dome; Frosted Dome; Flexible 90° Angle Leads. K&39;s Arcade is the largest on-line source of new and reconditioned pinball boards and electronic parts. MPU004-Data East MPU and Driver Board 3.

Williams Original DRIVER BOARDWPC89 Pinball Machine. Circuit Boards, Rottendog Boards, Driver Boards. Simplified solenoid driver design using FET technology with oversized transistors. 16 Power Problems with the RottenDog aftermarket power/driver board (fuse clips) Fuse clips on a RottenDog WPC power/driver board.

The two large ICs found on this board (Rockwell 10941 segment driver and Rockwell 10939 digit driver) are long obsolete and very hard to obtain. Pinball Driver board compatible with Williams WPC95 pinball games. If you think the high voltage on your dmd driver board is the issue, marco sell a satellite board that goes over the top of your original board as a fix. service manual driver rottendog wpc95 This board is a direct plug in replacement for the original OEM driver board. Regular domestic Priority Mail shipping can typically take 2 - 3 days once the package is in the mail stream but could take longer during peak delivery times like February and December. So one problem fixed! These are divided into four groups: 8 high power drivers, 8 low power drivers, 8 flashlamp drivers, and 4 general purpose drivers.

Please note, original Bally/Williams games use regular incandescent light bulbs, modern LEDs may flicker (aka ghosting) and you may have to buy non ghosting LEDs or use regular light bulbs for switched lamps. A failing electrolytic capacitor can cause the game to reset, as the DC voltage won&39;t be "smooth". Click on the thumbnail to see to our ad and list of supported games! 9 Poor Connection at J101 on the Power/Driver Board 4.

11 Using a Multimeter to Test the Bridge Rectifier and Capacitors 4. If you need a complete manual for your game, contact Pinball Resource at. This board is a direct plug in replacement for the original OEM driver board. Simple, yet effective! Free shipping for many products! 0 shipped to the US.

The only guaranteed service is UPS second wpc95 day or UPS. Like new Rottendog driver board for WPC 89 series games. The board that this replaces is Bally / Williams part number A-8.

Please note that. With power OFF, remove the original MPU and Driver Board from the game 2. The board that this replaces is Bally / Williams part number A-8. WPC95 Bally/Williams Power Driver Board. Created Date: 10:10:04 PM.

WPC 95 Audio Visual PCB, A. WDB095 Williams Pinball Machine WPC95 Driver Board Rottendog. The Ultimate Auxiliary Lamp Driver Board 52 is Part MPU-AUXLAMP52 .

Key Benefits: Superior +5V Low Drop Out (LDO) regulation for operation at lower line voltages. About K&39;s Arcade. Williams WPC95 Driver Board WDB095 Price : Price: 9. 10 Poor Connections between the Power/Driver board, the CPU, and other PCBs 4. 12 Failed Thermistor 4. The board was measured, one IC-chip replaced, wiring measured, shot clock replaced, but with no avail.

Service manual driver rottendog wpc95

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